WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus is the latest innovation in cold-resistant hand protection from Wonder Grip. It is a fully double coated cold-resistant glove (contact cold performance level 2: keeping your hands warm down to -20 °C). Using a specifically developed innovative nitrile coating, SZNT™ WG-538 Freeze Flex Plus remains flexible and comfortable to use in below freezing conditions, while ensuring ultimate abrasion resistance.


Support Polyester, Acrylic
Coating level Nitrile , Fully coated except wrist
Gauge 13
Size 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Packaging 12 pairs / polybag


  •  Made of two layers of soft acrylic, the aerated liner keeps the heat released by the wearer inside the glove, eliminating heat loss due to the convection process.
     Proprietary nitrile coating developed to guarantee very good flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures
     Cold-resistant and liquid-repellent for working in challenging environments, offering a comfortable tactile sensation and improved grip
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