These women work trousers have Cordura® knee pockets that can be adjusted in height to ensure that your knee pads are in the best position to protect your knees. Moreover, the contemporary straight fit from the DASSY® Boston Women can easily be adapted to every body shape thanks to these 3 features : 1. the adjustable back elastic; 2. the side elastic in the waistband; 3. the stretch inserts in the waist.

DASSY® BOSTON WOMENS Two-tone work trouser with knee pockets

SKU: 200669
£42.12 Regular Price
£37.91Sale Price
    • 2 front pockets
    • 2 back pockets with flaps
    • 2 leg pockets
    • tool pocket
    • pen holder
    • ruler pocket
    • mobile phone pocket
    • adjustable Cordura® knee pockets
    • adjustable back elastic
    • elastic waistband on the side
    • stretch panels on the side
    • female fit
    • regular waist
    • three-needle stitching
    • large hem (extra 5 cm)
    • jeans button and zipper
    • tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (0910058/Centexbel)
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